“Yoga Pilates Fusion brings together the 2 disciplines without losing the essence of either”

Trainers/Wellness professionals YogaPilates Fusion Workshops 

An holistic approach to improved health focussing on Pilates for core-strengthening and balance, and Vinyasa Yoga movement and breathe control. The relaxing Yoga Nidra meditation connects mind with body for maximum wellness benefits.

The course adds to your Continuing Education Points with workshops running over half or full days (depending on your training needs and industry’s professional requirements).

What to know:

Body and Balance will run the Workshop at your request and can be formulated to suit your clientele and schedule.

You could be a Yoga Studio a Pilates Studio a Fitness Studio, Gym and Fitness and Wellness related Conventions and Seminars.

Contact us for more info  or Call Jill direct 0412 422 868

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