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Mekong Delta, Vietnam

I have been on a traveling adventure (with Didier) now for 5 weeks and have another 3 to go. Sometimes I am feeling exhausted due to change of time zones, weather, food and some over indulgence, but I am particularly upset about not finding a good coffee, yet! From Vietnam, to Paris, to Copenhagen, to Otteron Island (Sweden), to Oslo, to Barcelona, to Peret (South France) and more to come…….but not one good coffee, like our fabulous baristas make back in Sydney, particularly Manly.

Coffee at least once a day for me is necessary and gives me a much needed lift, as well as great pleasure if it is a good one, so not having found that yet it is very disappointing.

However I have been keeping up a certain amount of exercise everyday and this does keep a balance and perspective in my life even if I don’t always eat the right food and have a little too many gin and tonics with friends or on a hot day in a groovy bar on the beach in the South of France or even if I haven’t had that coffee I crave.

Dancing for Joy

Dancing for Joy. Lifting Heart and Heart Rate on Otteron Island, Sweden.

Exercise is good wherever you find yourself, as it will keep the blood pumping, core conditioned and the muscles strong.

My 15-20 minute morning routine is Pilates Roll down into plank and then down-dog and then back to plank for a 5 gentle push-ups and then down to all 4’s for a cat stretch and then over for some roll ups and roll downs to get my abs charged before I go into single leg stretches, oblique curls  and scissors. Over onto the side for 10 side leg lifts and then change sides for the same and then onto front for alternate single leg lifts and swimming, then into child pose, cat stretch and roll up slowly to standing and calf raises. Feeling warmed up by then I do 25 squats for quads and stimulating the heart rate a little more.  At present I take myself back down on a floor, grass, beach wherever I am exercising, as I have added the 22 push-ups for 22 day challenge that I am doing for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that is high in the military and suicide due to this is a particularly high risk.

Pilates Leg Pull to Plank

Pilates Leg Pull to Plank at Chateau de Vincennes, France

Gin and Tonic

Enjoying a Gin and Tonic with friends in Barcelona

Back and Shoulder Stretch

Back and Shoulder Stretch, Chareau de Vincennes, France







My intention is Peace for the World, so I then lie down for a 5 minute Yoga Nidra making Peace my intention………My mantra is “Say Peace, See Peace, Feel Peace and Make it Happen”. This within seconds changes all perspective and having that coffee doesn’t matter and the extra drink or food is OK. I believe a minimum of exercise and added Yoga Nidra with intention and being in the moment and achieving mindfulness creates the all needed balance in life anytime, but particularly while travelling…….the next part of this adventure is Croatia and Italy, to places we have never been before.

We will continue to enjoy a good balance no matter where we are and the 22 Push-Ups also creates extra motivation for both of us and we hope that a world wide awareness will help those suffering from PTSD.

Body and Balance Classes are currently running back in Australia in Manly and Manly Vale.

For Bookings, Details, Pricing, Inquiries contact Elodie Healy Quintard on 0405038127 or find the class you want on the Timetable on this site.

Thank you.

Jill Healy-Quintard

Body and Balance Fitness and Wellness………“Create your own Balance in Life as it is meant to be lived well”. JHQ

Quad Stretch

Leg Stretch, Oslo


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