Theraband YogaPilates Fusion Class Registration

This workout using the simplest, most portable piece of equipment, the Theraband or resistant band, designed to help build strength, increase endurance, lengthen and tone muscles while having a positive cardio response. The increased use of muscle stretch and strength has the added benefit of decreasing the risk of osteoporosis by slowing down bone loss. Studies have shown it can even build bone. The workout includes power and balance which research has also shown improves strength and stability. The workout is basically Pilates with some Yoga poses and includes Yoga Nidra Meditation to complete the total mind body and balanced workout. My 10 Principles are used in this class as in all my classes and they are Flow. Breath, Focus, Balance,Cardio, Core, Mobilisation, Strength, Stretch, Relax/Meditation/Intentions.

THE FLOW: The aim in all of this is to allow the body and mind to be balanced and move freely with breath, control and precision so that the muscles and joints move with even rhythm.

FOCUS: The focus is on you the individual. A great way to start YogaPilates Fusion is to take a moment with your eyes closed to tap into how you feel right now, and imagine yourself feeling beautifully balanced, standing tall, and realising your strength and focus through your practice of YogaPilates Fusion.

BREATHE: Consider your breath to be a “moving meditation.” It is a beautiful thing when you move your body, flowing from one exercise to the next breathing deeply with your focus on moving through your life with a balanced body and mind.

BALANCE: Balance is achieved by focusing on the breath while maintaining the correct posture and spinal alignment. The movements in the YogaPilates Fusion program will connect and balance your left and right brain to enable your body and mind to flow in a balanced way moving forward.

MOBILISATION: Mobilisation is achieved through the regular movement of the spine through up and down motion as well as side to side, forward to back, and rotations.

CORE: When the core is activated movement becomes dynamic as well as being controlled and precise. Activation of the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles are the key to achieving stability through movement.

CARDIO: Cardio work increases your heart rate and promotes blood flow throughout your body. It will make your heart strong, increase your lung capacity, and reduce your risk of things like heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. It will also help with weight loss if that is something you a looking to achieve.

STRENGTH: When you lift weights, work out on machines, use resistance bands, or do exercises with your own body weight, you will build strength, muscle mass, and flexibility. Muscle loss is one of the main reasons people feel less stable and energetic as they get older. Building strength is key to my pro-aging approach to everything that I do.

STRETCH: Actively moving through this series of YogaPilates Fusion exercises will stretch as well as strengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments. These hold your bones together and are critical to mobility and flexibility.

MEDITATION/RELAXATION/INTENTIONYoga Nidra is also known as the waking sleep. It can totally change the way you feel physically and emotionally, and it perfectly completes the balance of the mind and the body that is at the core of the YogaPilates Fusion® method.

While Body And Balance exercise is designed for all levels of Fitness, it is important to check with your Health Practitioner before commencing any exercise class or program.
This is particularly important if you are or recently have been pregnant, injured or ill.

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you on prescription medication?
Are you or have you been pregnant or had a baby in the last six months?
Have you been hospitalised in the last six months?
Do you have any condition that could affect your ability to exercise?
eg. stroke, heart condition, high blood pressure (>140/90), palpitations, diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatic fever, arthritis, cramps, asthma, neck, ankle, back, knee or any muscular pain.