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By Jill Healy - Quintard | In Exercise, News, Rehabilitation Post Surgery, Total Hip Replacement | on April 14, 2015


Pool Rehab Entry

Pool Rehab Entry

Rehab Exercises

Rehab Exercises

Having had an Anterior left Total Hip Replacement 4 months ago and a right Total Hip Replacement 7 years ago and continued my life with what appears to be not too much of a struggle, I need readers to know that an operation such as this needs research and follow up by way of rehabilitation and continued strengthening of muscles to make it work well and continue a normal, healthy and fit lifestyle.
There has been a lot of publicity about hip recalls, which is frightening and of course having a new component placed inside your body is something that needs careful researching. When I had my previous surgery I was told then by my surgeon that the hips in question by Johnson and Johnson had been reported defective years before and that he had stopped using those models long ago. I wonder why other surgeons continued to use them! Although my new hip was a Johnson and Johnson mix with French components there has been no recalls at all. My latest hip also had some products recalled such as screws and small parts that were manufactured elsewhere. I did inquire and was told that my doctor was one of the designers and had made sure all components were of the best quality.

Since the surgery, which for me was very successful, I have gone back to teaching 6 days a week, but am not able to do every exercise the same as I could previously, as yet, but am working on it.

I had what is called the Anterior Approach and have a minimal scar that runs along the groin and sits underneath my underwear and swimsuits so cannot be seen. (see on the beach in March 2015 photo)

I was in a lot of pain attempting to move at all, but the drugs recommended (although I did not like taking them) were amazing and I believe help recovery to be quicker.

I began rehabilitation on Day 2 after surgery and continued in hospital till Day 8 and then became an outpatient at a Rehabilitation unit. This was so beneficial in many ways, naturally in aiding recovery, but meeting and doing my program with many others in the same situation. There are a lot of hip and knee surgeries daily in Sydney and I am sure throughout Australia.

I attended rehab in the pool and gym for 3 days per week up until mid March. I felt strong enough to continue on my own, which I have and am seeing a physiotherapist every fortnight as well as a chiropractor weekly to keep all in alignment.

I presently teach Monday to Saturday a variety of classes from Pilates through to Groove and feel very excited that I am not in pain and move well.

For anyone thinking of THR surgery it is very important to research your doctor and the implant and to keep fit right up till your surgery day. I taught my last class pre-surgery the evening before and I felt very confident going in for this very big and very invasive surgery and I am sure state of mind helps.

If anyone would like to speak with me or discuss their hip issues or perhaps join a class of mine please contact me via the website or


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