“A class focused on core, strength and balance with use of the ChiBall”

Tightening muscles and harnessing core strength this is THE master class for general health and fitness. The unique combination of ChiBall WITH hand weights gives you a complete mind and body workout, also covering balance, alignment and relaxation.

Soothing the mind while healing the body instructors bring the most out in participants with different coloured ChiBalls indicating various emotions on arrival.

Available for small groups or one-on-one sessions.

What to bring / know:

Your own, preferred mat, or standard ones are provided. (Manly Vale – Studio only)
No shoes during the class.
Water bottle and towel will certainly come in handy.

You can buy your own personal mat from Body & Balance.

Available for purchase on request from $20 – $45
Contact here  or Call/Text Jill direct on 0412 422 868

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