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What do you enjoy teaching the most?
Everything. I love people and I love seeing people of all ages reach their fitness and wellness potential, as well as have fun. One of my clients has said that my classes make her smile and therefore make her day. That is what I really love that people can enjoy, have fun and feel better about themselves. 
Where are your classes?
In the Studio in Manly Vale and 2 locations in Manly as well as in a corporate gym and a number of Northern Beaches Schools, both Primary and High Schools. 
What are your qualifications?
I have danced since a child and when I completed my Teacher Training and began working with Children with Special Needs I also became interested in Fitness. I began teaching Aerobic classes and did my first training in Group Fitness in 1985 which has lead onto much teaching with adults and children and many training programs and eventually Pilates in 1998 with Alan Menezes and then Michael King Pilates in 2000-1. I had begun studying Yoga also as a teenager and this practise continued and I completed a Diploma in Yoga Therapies as well in 2007. I have since completed a Level 1 and 2 Stott Pilates Certification and continue to upgrade and learn new methods and trends as they evolve. I also have a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Reiki which is also very beneficial to all my teaching. 
What else do you teach apart from Pilates and YogaPilates Fusion®?
I run BodyBarre Pilates which is in my Studio and is a small group class of 6 people where we focus on cardio, stretch and strength using a ballet barre and then on the mat to focus on core strengthening and muscle lengthening. This is a wonderful class for the inner dancer. I also teach a GROOVE Fusion class which is cardio dance and Pilates with a Yoga Nidra relaxation for a total body and mind workout. I also run Mums and Bubs Classes in Small Groups for New Mums and their Babies. Family Yoga where Mum, Dad and kids can all do their poses and stretches together. 
How long is a class?
A typical class is 1 hour long but can sometimes go a little over with the Relaxation at the completion of the class, but is well worth it. 
Are your classes suitable for Beginners?
 Yes as I run a specific Beginners Class but also teach on all levels to cater for all levels of Fitness
What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Joseph Pilates did study Yoga and many of the exercises are based on Yoga poses, but this is where it differs as Pilates focuses more on the muscle lengthening and core strength along with breathing patterns that differ from Yoga breathing patterns. The Yoga breath is inhaling and exhaling through the nose which makes more of an internal focus where the Pilates breathing is in the through the nose but out through the mouth which is a more stimulating breath and more focused on the movement

I run a fusion program YogaPilates Fusion® where I offer the more focused spiritual side of movement with the more physical core strengthening that Pilates offers. All my classes finish with a meditation practice.