Dot it now and do it for you!!!!!

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In News | on April 6, 2011
We are constantly bombarded with eg “Fergie “there is no secret to my slimdown, I get Diet Designs delivered everyday (as stated in Who magazine dated April 12th, 2011) and have a ‘green smoothie’, a personal trainer and I also have vinegar shots everyday……”.
This is called not doing it for your self…….’Doing it for yourself’ is challenging  and self satisfying in so many ways and will give you the personal boost that is “I KNEW I COULD DO IT.” So do it now and do it for you, nobody else. I say it is not rocket science, it is plain and simple, move your body according to you calorie intake. If you put more calories in then you are moving out then where do they go???? Around your abdomen, on your thighs, on your arms, on your hips, but if you eat good nutritious metabolism burning foods (see recipes further on) and you do exercise ( see video) that also stimulates your metabolism then you can enjoy a life of good food, some indulgences and still keep fit and healthy. Dot it now and do it for you!!!!!
Jill Healy-Quintard


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