Body and Balance Pilates and Fitness FAQ

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In News | on April 6, 2011
Q(1) I have put on weight over Winter. Will I lose weight doing Pilates?
  1. I am often asked this question and my honest answer is not with a Basic Pilates class. There are some Pilates instructors that will tell clients otherwise, but it is a fact that weight loss does not occur without some aerobic activity. My Aerobic/Pilates Fusion classes and Dance Pilates do have a definite aerobic component, but a basic Pilates class does not. The positive side of a Pilates class is that it does change the shape of your body and improve your posture and body awareness. Clients often tell me that the mind/body connection makes them feel more confident, more in tune with themselves, they sleep better, have less tension, look stronger and so on and this all adds up to a whole new you. I always advise my clients to cross train e.g a fast paced walk for 30 minutes three times per week, swim or do a weight program and to use the Pilates philosophy with every thing they do to help strengthen and tone the mind and the body, but the best is to take the Body and Balance Aerobic/Pilates Fusion® and the participant will be able to get the most from this Pilates class such as weight loss with the aerobics and the strength, flexibility, flowing ,movement and so on of Pilates.
Q(2) I am a very fitness orientated male of 28 years old. I run, play soccer, surf and do weights. How could Pilates be of benefit to me?
  1. I know immediately without seeing you that you would have excellent muscle tone, you would be aerobically fit, be strong but not particularly flexible or aware of core body strength. Pilates would improve all aspects of your fitness performance by  helping you to work from your core or centre (abdominal region) Pilates would give you more body awareness, help you to focus on each activity and what your body is doing. I have worked with people in all sports as a Personal Trainer and have found Pilates to be the one form of exercise that can maximize your fitness/sport performance.
Q(3) My 13 year old daughter has very bad posture and is starting to develop scoliosis. How can Pilates help her as she is growing very fast?
  1. It is well known that girls growing rapidly at the onset of puberty can develop scoliosis. It will need managing through chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy, as well as a regular Pilates program to complement her treatment. I work closely with local practitioners and design small classes so that I can be always aware of the needs of each of my clients. I have an increasing amount of young class participants who are finding that their academic work means sitting for long hours thus developing bad postural habits and spinal changes. Pilates will help correct bad posture and give your daughter more body awareness.
Q(4) My husband and I are pensioners in our 70,s. We have always been active and have heard that Pilates will help us to continue to be active. Is this true?
  1. Absolutely true. Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. You will need to join a Beginners class at first and then work your way into a more challenging class, as you learn the Pilates movements and philosophy. I have a number of pensioners your age and older that have been coming to my classes for the last few years and have found that they have returned to activities they had thought they were unable to do anymore. I have one class participant who has returned to Ballroom Dancing at 86 years of age and praises Pilates for making her more flexible and strengthening her body and her mind.
Q(5) Is Pilates the same as Yoga?
  1. They are not the same, but do offer some similarities. They each go to the same destination which is strengthening the body and the mind. They are both considered intelligent exercise as they are self empowering and require listening to and trusting your own body. They both require movement, focus, control, breathing and mind/body conditioning. They can complement each other beautifully. I do teach Yoga/Pilates classes at various locations. There are many different Yoga practices and many different learning experiences Pilates instructors bring to their practice.
Q(6) I am pregnant, can I do Pilates?
  1. Absolutely. It is fabulous exercise for both pre and post-natal pregnancy. I run Body and Balance Pre-Natal classes and there are specific exercises that I would recommend for certain stages of the pregnancy e.g it is unwise to do any of the abdominal work before 14 weeks. Ensure that you always do Pilates with a qualified and experienced instructor and that you are shown the correct exercises for the different stages of pregnancy. After your baby is born and you have had your 6 weeks check up I then recommend that you begin a Pilates program again to restore your abdominal strength, help to regain your pre baby body and maintain strength and flexibility to help you deal with the daily baby routine. Body and Balance Baby and Me classes would be a suitable class to start.
 Jill Healy-Quintard 


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