A45+ Fitness & Fitness GROOVE

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In Exercise, News | on February 20, 2018

A45+ Fitness (A = Activate, Attitude, Action, Aware, Active Exercise) is Jill Healy-Quintard’s innovative concept class for keeping moving regardless of age. Men and Women who know who they are, know where they are going, know what they want and like to live life with passion and purpose and who realise they no longer need to ‘find their tribe’, as A45+ is ‘your tribe.’. Each class will focus on breath, balance, cardio with small weights (optional) and core strength and Yoga Nidra Meditation including Positive Intention.
Adding Fitness GROOVE to the mix has everyone talking……”I love this class, so much Passion, Fun and sense of Community.” Mel M (Manly) “Jill’s classes are addictive.” Lisa T (Cromer)
Jill has studied and practised Dance, Pilates, Fitness, Massage and Yoga for many years and brings her unique YogaPilates Fusion® to every class with a twist of balance, co-ordination, Mindfulness and Meditation for a complete uniting of Body and Mind.



Research proves that moving and co-ordination of body and mind with use of hand weights and light cardio or aerobic exercise will delay the onset of decreased cognitive skills, keep the blood pumping through the body and oxygenating the blood and stimulating the brain.
Plus of course reduce body fat, cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.
Pilates Core, Yoga Stretch, Cardio fitness, functional mobility, flexible strength and Yoga Nidra Meditation. Join Jill for these dynamic classes also featuring health and wellness tips, meditation and a workout designed for longevity and pro-age and total Mind/Body Balance. Now you can measure your body fat with the army body fat calculator and see if you are fit. 
Join Jill in the Body and Balance Studio and North Steyne, Manly.


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