5 TIPS: How to Exercise…regardless of occupation

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In Uncategorized | on March 23, 2018

5 TIPS: How to Exercise…….Regardless of Occupation

We already know that we are should exercise for an hour a day, most days of the week for good health, wellness and fitness benefits…….,but what do the rest of your days look like? Do you sit down for the majority of your day at a computer or desk? Are you mainly sedentary after your workouts? Or do you even do the workout you know you need to do?
Many of us do make the effort and put exercise on a priority list, but for those who don’t there is an answer to get you moving, even at your desk.For those of you who consistently log in the time and effort every week to prioritize exercise, I applaud you. You’re on the right track. But if you’re horizontal on the couch right after your workout, or burning hours in front of your computer on your butt, your leisure time could be in need of a little activity.
If you want your body to be as healthy as it can be, you can’t go workout for an hour and be sedentary the rest of the day. If you want to avoid the negative health effects of too much sitting, find ways to move more — in addition to your regular workouts.

1. Sneak in extra exercise.
You might already do a class or online program early in the day, so your moderate activity for the day is finished. Wonderful. Now you have the rest of the day to sneak in some bonus exercise. Maybe it’s a walk at lunchtime or a test drive on some of the top hybrids bicycles from that new store around the block. Maybe it’s taking the stairs whenever you have a chance.
If at home put on your favoutite music and do the recumbent bike workout you have always wanted to do or just clean your house, rebuild that deck, or paint a room by putting your whole body into it.  That may not sound so exciting, but you do burn more KJ’s and what is needed is done. If working on your computer put it at eye level while you are standing and do some squates, ;eg raises and more and same if on the phone …..keep moving. If you view your time as an opportunity to get bonus exercise, all sorts of creative ways to keep fit will just come to you.

2. Make a family activity list.
Ever notice you see what you focus on? If you buy a new red sports car, you
are suddenly going to see red sports cars everywhere. You notice them because that’s where your focus is — there aren’t suddenly more of them on the road. It’s the same way with family exercise. Sit down as a family and brainstorm an activity list and post it somewhere you all can see it. If the various activities you do as a family are on your radar, you’ll be more likely to do them. Anything that will increase your activity works: bowling, miniature golf, volleyball, rollerblading, cycling, hiking, swimming, camping, paddle boarding … if it involves movement, add it to your list.

3. Use your own body weight.
Don’t think you need a gym or all sorts of equipment at home in order to get more movement into your days. Use your own body weight and do some push-ups, planks, squats or lunges. All four of these exercises are extremely effective at building muscle, getting your heart rate up and kj’s

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4. Find a Music Festival, Community Walking Challange, Charity Fun Run
Dance, Dance, Dance. Lift Your Hearts and Heart Rate for a Charity Fun Walk or Run and make money for a good cause and have some fun while you’re at it.

5. Support a Cause with Family and Friends.
This is great way to make your leisure time more active and also showing your kids the importance of making healthy choices and giving back to a charity at the same time. Find a charity you are passionate about and look on their website for an event near you.
Finding ways to get bonus movement into your day will boost your brain and body health and wellness.
With a truly active lifestyle, your body and mind will benefit.


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