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Pat H & Jim Pat H, Manly NSW Australia I find it great to take in both the Pilates and Groove Pilates Fusion. Between the two, I get a great workout and good core strength. I am amazed at how energising it is to be fit, and the classes are fast and fun. Jill is a warm person and motivating instructor. Thanks Jill! I have been doing jill’s Pilates classes for a while now and although we are in a group of 15 or 20 people, Jill knows every single detail and fitness level of each of her students. She reconfigure each exercises to cater for each person and on a personal level. Jim Stodic, Manly NSW Australia Edwina & Sarah Edwina Dalli, Manly NSW Australia My Chiropractor advised I try Pilates to strengthen my core about 7 years ago. What a fabulous piece of advice, I haven’t looked back! I have never been a gym person but I look forward to each and every class I do with Jill knowing I will feel the benefits. I joined a local gym as I thought I would be able to use the pool, weight machines and go to Pilates classes like yours, but the Pilates is so bad compared to yours that I have come back to your classes and I will just use the pool and machines in the gym. Sarah B, Balgowlah NSW Australia Ann & Kyung Ann McCarthy, Chiropractor, Manly NSW Australia Jill’s vast experience in the health profession, enables her to perform a very accurate postural analysis, both of her new and existing clients… I am now in Poland and there are many gyms offering Pilates and even Zumba, all in Polish. I found one gym which has Pilates in English once a week. However, I am not going there anymore. I miss your classes by the beach and your way of teaching, so I am doing Pilates on my own twice a week, using your DVD. I am quite disciplined in that:-) and do it even on Holiday! Kyung He, Warsaw Poland Lisa T & Andrea Lisa T, Cromer NSW Australia I love Jill’s classes! Not only can I feel my body working hard from the inside out, but Jill’s energy lifts my spirit too. My advice is try everything on offer, I love the chi ball class but the barre class worked my quads like never before! And the fusion Pilates dance/ yoga worked up a sweat and was SO much fun. What can I say… Jill makes it fun keeps you smiling and fit! Jill has achieved what I didn’t think possible, no attacks of sciatica since attending her Pilates classes. As a 72 year old suffering sciatica and rheumatoid arthritis my fear of becoming immobile terrified me. Andrea Taylor, Curl Curl NSW Australia Catherine & Lindy Catherine C. Manly NSW Australia YogaPilates Fusion tonight was brilliant. I have been doing Pilates elsewhere for 6 years and your mix of Yoga and Pilates just felt so good and I enjoyed it more than any other class I have done. I just love it. Thank you Jill” Thank you Jill for your wonderful classes. I never felt that I would regain my tummy muscles after 2 C sections and now I have since joining 1 to 2 Body and Balance classes per week. The other amazing benefit is that I have no need to see my osteopath every week and am saving 100′s of $$’s. Highly recommended and great motivational support from you too Jill. Lindy EJ, Seaforth NSW Australia


Body and Balance offer an array of Pilates, YogaPilates Fusion, Groove and BodyBarre classes to “Shape Your Body & Your Mind…” while enhancing clarity and sense of self. Our cardio, flow and relaxation techniques will assist in reaching your fitness and wellness potential – whatever your need, your goal or your passion!

Cultivating healthy bodies and clear minds, classes cater for a variety of groups, from singles, to schools, to families, corporates and mums with bubs.

What we do

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to being energised, feeling great and looking vibrant!

Our unique YogaPilates Fusion® combines Yoga poses with core-strengthening , muscle lengthening Pilates, left/right brain balancing, plus Cardio moves giving you a great workout which leaves you feeling energised, balanced and relaxed.

For more cardio, toning and weight loss we add optional Hand-weights throughout the classes for that extra boost.

Being a Baby Boomer, my passion is pro-age, healthy ageing and longevity, plus fun and joy. If you love the uplifting feeling of aerobic dance, with beats from the 80’s to now, join our A45PLUS Fitness Groove “Lifting your Hearts and Heart Rates” with added core-challenging Pilates, winding down with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.

Are you searching for the dancer within? Join our BodyBarre Pilates® using a ballet barre for agility, co-ordination, strength and flexibility plus core-challenging, muscle lengthening Pilates and relaxing Yoga Nidra meditation.

All classes, One on One Sessions are geared for the individual needs of each participant in mind.

Can’t get to a class? The A45PLUS PROAGE EMPOWERMENT APP is for you. Now at your APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY for just $US19 per month for Body and Balance Anywhere, Anytime.

Peruse our Classes page to work out which suits your needs best…

What You Will Get:

The 6 Weeks “A45+ Pro-Aging Empowerment” Plan to get your fit, strong and vibrant back

6 week Nutrition and Meal Plan for maximising your results

Join my Facebook ‘A45+ Pro-ageing Empowerment Group’, so you don’t give up until you see results

Videos of individual exercises so you can practice at your own pace

Your own personal progress log, record and track how you are doing through the program

Jill’s famous eBook: YogaPilates Fusion, A mind Body And Balanced Practice

If you have a question or need help choosing the perfect Body & Balance, please get in touch