Stand and Deliver Your Best at Your Computer

By admin | In News | on May 13, 2012

I use my computer for 3-5 hours per day and for the past few years have chosen to stand as opposed to sitting and do not suffer the back, weak abdominals, tense shoulders etc that people who sit at computers suffer on a daily basis.
Each evening as I see my clients arrive for their Pilates class I see hunched over shoulders, tight necks, bad posture and more due to having sat all day at a computer, using one arm and not sitting correctly. I am recommending that everyone who needs to spend time on a computer to place their lap top on a raised table or side board if they are unable to obtain a DeskView desk, a standing desk so that they can maximise postural stability, strengthen lower backs and abdominals and relieve neck and shoulder tension. As mentioned I have done this for many years (using a sideboard) in my home where I spend 3-5 hours a day at the computer. I also teach Pilates so can utilise my knowledge to gain maximin benifit from my choice to stand. I also use a bolster with nodules under my feet to stimulate reflexology points if I am feeling unwell or feel in inbalance of mind and/or body.
The combination of standing and foot massage is my best invention yet and will change the way people work.
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