Rhythm of Life…….

By admin | In News | on February 25, 2014

I have been in the Fitness Industry for 34 years…….yes such a long long time and am still here in the face of adversity.
I have seen and learnt a huge amount about people and what motivates them, what works, what doesn’t work. I have had some fantastic moments and not so good and have had wonderful health but many injuries and more recently surgery due to just doing too much. I am now facing surgery again or looking at the possibility of Stem Cell Therapy for my left hip.
There is a price to pay for working out every day sometimes 5 times a day and not always feeling good when working out and having to push through classes even when sick, which is what I have done and I know many in this industry that have and still do work in the face of sickness and injury.
Why? I don’t know for others but I love that incredible feeling of moving the body and keeping the mind alert through teaching anything from Pilates through to GROOVE and ZUMBA style and when I am teaching pain seems to disappear.
When I discovered 5 years ago that I had been born with hip dysplasia and the pain I was suffering was bone rubbing on bone and that I would not be able to dance or teach again without having a total hip replacement my shock and depression was enormous, as well as fear of the unknown.
I had the THR and it was a brilliant success and I not only went back to teaching 6 weeks later I embraced fitness and wellness even more by doing new courses such as a Diploma in Yoga Therapies, Level 1 & 2 Stott Pilates and commencing GROOVE Fusion classes for the general public as well as in schools and opening my very personal Studio in Manly Vale but due to embracing the Rhythm of Life with such intensity I now have pain in my left hip. I need to modify what I do, which is very difficult as I have had amazing freedom with the right hip replacement.
What to do???? That is now my question.
I am not sure what level Stem Cell therapy is up to or if I should just go ahead with a new hip or just sit back relax and enjoy a quieter time of life!!!
Well this seems the most ridiculous as I am fit and have so much energy.


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