Janelle IrelandJanelle has been in the Fitness Industry 20+ years and is passionate about Fitness and Wellness.
She found Pilates by attending Jill’s group Pilates classes after she had her 3rd child in order to get her body back into condition.

Jill recognised Janelle’s ability and suggested that she study Pilates and become an instructor in Jill’s business Body and Balance.

Janelle did that in 2001 as well as upgraded her Fitness Group Training skills to become a registered Fitness Trainer also in 2001. She has taught for Jill on and off since as well as in a variety of Gyms and Corporate Fitness Centre. Janelle also did ZUMBA Instructor training and taught ZUMBA as part of Jill’s Body and Balance business as well.

She is currently taking Pilates classes for Body and Balance for the general public and in schools as part of the school fitness and sport programs run by Body and Balance.
Janelle loves working out and does her own personal programs daily using weights.

As a mother of 3 she knows very well how important it is to keep a strong level of fitness and wellness in order to cope with the everyday activities of a young family.