BarrePilates Dance

“A fusion of Pilates, Barre exercises going into Cardio with free dance moves and finishing with Yoga Nidra Relaxation”

This class will provide the necessary Pilates and barre exercises to make you feel worked out.. you then move into cardio with dance moves, giving you a sense of freedom and joy. Finally you will finish the class with Jill’s famous minutes Yoga Nidra.





For small groups up to 8 people.

What to bring / know:

Your own, preferred mat, or standard ones are provided. (Manly Vale – Studio only)
No shoes during the class.
Water bottle and towel will certainly come in handy.


You can buy your own personal mat from Body & Balance.

Available for purchase on request from $20 – $45
Contact here   or Call/Text Jill direct on 0412 422 868