Introduction to Breathe according to Yoga and Breathe According to Pilates

By admin | In News | on April 4, 2014
Body and Balance YogaPilates Fusion: Introduction Workshop to the Breathe according to Yoga and the Breathe According to PilatesBody and Balance YogaPilates Fusion is a combination of these two mind/body exercise formats that are very muc…h part of our wellness and fitness world today.
Yoga (means yoke) is an ancient Spiritual form of finding balance mentally as well as physically through Asanas or postures. Pilates was formed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s based on many Yoga Asanas (the physical Yoga) and transforming them to create more awareness of posture, through spinal awareness and core strength through awareness of abdominals and pelvic floor muscles. The biggest difference is that yoga is fundamentally a spiritual practice that helps to focus and quieten the mind.
The physical yoga is called hatha yoga and its purpose is to achieve union between the body, mind and spirit, which in Sanskrit is called samadhi.
We need to inhale and exhale fully to experience correct breathing. When we inhale correctly the lungs expand fully, the diaphragm drops and the stomach rises outwards. When we exhale correctly the diaphragm lifts and the stomach is sucked in. Manly people believe that sucking in on the inhale is correct and will strengthen abdominal muscles. This is not only incorrect but has a tendency to actually stop the flow of smooth breath through holding and then exhaling just to get a release from holding for so long. This results in not having an adequate amount of oxygen pumping through the body and a high level of adrenaline being produced which results in feeling stressed, dull and fatigued.
Therefore it is important to know how to breathe well in order to feel and move better…… be continued at Health and Wellness venues throughout Australia commencing in July.

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