Happy New Year 2015

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In Exercise, News | on December 29, 2014

YES IT IS NEW YEAR 2015 and Party Time

Can we avoid it? Not really if you are a fun loving, party person like I am. I love to party but I also like to remain fit and in control of my weight. We cannot control every situation, but we can control how much food and alcohol we have, I hope!

I know it is the time of year that we are constantly bombarded with holiday parties, day and night as well as constant displays of snacking type food such as dips, chips, chocolate and lollies and more champagne, but there is a way to help prevent overeating and drinking and weight gain.

Dancing is my # 1 favourite way to keep up an exercise routine, especially if your party hosts have great music or even better be the party host yourself and have great music and encourage everyone to dance……..yes you can burn off 100’s kilojoules  and even still have your ‘wicked’ treats and a glass or 2 of champagne.

And the good news is there is a new way of modifying your eating called a ‘One a Day’. This one a day method allows you one small serving of your favourite snack either savoury or sweet each day during this Christmas/New Year season and you can compensate later in the day by reducing your total kilojoule intake by burning it off through dancing, a brisk walk in this gorgeous Summer weather, some stretches on the beach, a few laps in the pool or a small group YogaPilates class in my Studio in Manly Vale or anything else you enjoy.

Grab a healthy snack is my # 2 Favourite before you go to a party.

If you have healthy snack such as a delicious Summer fruit, a low fat yogurt or a even a handful of nuts you will not feel that craving or be as tempted to snack when you are confronted with party food.

If you’re invited to bring a plate make and bring a healthy dish to share, instead of a high fat, high kilojoule, high sugary dish. This will insure that regardless of the other foods that are being offered, you will be guaranteed to eat at least one healthy food and if possible, encourage others to join you.

So along with dancing, eat wisely and have a few drinks as well and enjoy a Happy, Guilt Free Party Season.

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you at Body and Balance Classes commencing for Term 1, 2015 on Monday 2nd February. I have small group Holiday Classes in BodyBarre Pilates and YogaPilates Fusion in my Studio. Please ring 0412422868 or email for days and details.

The NEW YEAR, NEW TERM, NEW SPECIAL on the website finishes on NYE, so get in quick now and again enjoy a guilt free and safe Party Season


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