Christmas is just one Day

By Jill Healy - Quintard | In News | on December 24, 2014

We love Christmas, fun, family and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and being very Merry.
It is only one day, but it tends to continue until New Years Day and then we suddenly realise and decide to go crazy with detox, exercise programs and more, but there is a way without missing out that we can still have fun and not over indulge too much. A little is OK, but if we can balance it with ‘less is more’ theory than we will feel much better mentally and physically,When Christmas is over you might find yourself looking for clothes that fit as your body copes with the effects of over indulging in food and perhaps alcohol too, which is very high in sugar. To make it worse guilt also begins to set in and you begin to regret that extra piece of Christmas pudding and the champagne toasts to everything! There is no way to un-eat or un-drink but you can get back on track for the New Year (New You) and you can do it without punishing yourself.
You know one reason that overindulging does occur at this time is also the stress of organising family gatherings, crowded shopping centres, buying food, gifts, cooking, making sure everyone is happy, that you have enough of all etc etc all leaving you feeling frazzled and stressed, which can force us into too much partying, eating and drinking and even having to deal with family issues. These all can lead to post Christmas burnout!
Try not to be too hard on yourself but instead make a plan and even making a plan mentally will make you feel less stressed.

Plan (1) Move your body over the post Christmas period.
Take a walk, do some light YogaPilates, take a swim, but keep it simple and do either on your own or encourage your family and friends to join you, which is even more motivating and will boost your mood and energy levels. One thing I always say is “the family who exercise together, stay together….” try it and see how you feel.

Plan (2) Re-Hydrate. Drink Water, Water, Water.
This will help rid the body of the extra salt and sugar that has caused the feeling of bloating and increased weight.

Plan (3) Eat Light and Healthy after Christmas.
Instead of challenging your health and saying “I will never eat again,” follow Christmas Day with eating light and healthy and try not to finish off all the left overs that are sure to be filling up your fridge and cupboards. Seeing it is Summer here in Australia and the weather is suited to fabulous salads and summer fruits. Try just nibbling on these and you will begin to feel better in next to no time.
Plan (4) Forgive yourself.
It is not the end of the world especially if you get back on track sooner rather than later.

As we know we all overindulge, it is normal, but easy to throw you off track and remember if you make a plan it is relatively easy to get right back on track and being committed to a healthy, fit lifestyle for the rest of the year. It is all about Balance, Body and Balance!

Merry Christmas and have a Joyful, Happy time with your family and friends and remember Christmas is just one day a year.


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