Breathe: Life Moving Faster Than Ever Before

By admin | In News | on March 2, 2013

When a teenager says “I can’t believe it is March already!” you know it is not just because you are well past being a teenager that you also think this……….I never thought this as a teenager as life was just endless possibilities and a year was well and truely a year, now a year seems like just a couple of months.
We live in a fast paced city and fast paced digital world that is constantly updating and moving forward very fast and I believe this is why it is the same feeling for young and older alike.
If you are not keeping up you will just get left behind, so what can we do?
Firstly (and my teenage daughter hates me saying it) ‘breathe’. Breathing mindfully will slow down the feeling of racing, racing, racing. Sometimes I am so stressed trying to get to a class or meeting through what seems much more traffic than ever before……I am swearing under my breath at every stupid driver on the road, running hot and really only making myself feel worse when I suddenly remmember to breathe.
This is it and it works: Take 1 long inhale counting to 5 and 1 long exhale counting to 5 and you will 
begin to feel an immediate calm. Very simple and very very effective. Try it anytime an anywhere.
I teach my school classes this as part of Yoga Nidra and they ask for it now.
The other method is just 5-10 minutes of Yoga Nidra. I do this in every class from Pilates through to Tribal GROOVE with evryone from chidren to seniors and it is an amzing technique to slow down the overactive mind and body.
I am working on a Yoga Nidra app at present that you will be able to download and use whenever you feel the need for calm. One of the teenage girls at a school I teach at suggested it when she recorded me on her IPhone and said that she used it to help her go to sleeep.
So breathe, relax through Yoga Nidra and continue to exercise at least 3 times a week as this keeps the oxygen supply to the blood and the brain and balances both mind and body.
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