Body and Balance YogaPilates Fusion. Balance, Posture and Breathe

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Body and Balance YogaPilates Fusion:
This is # 1 in a Series of a Fusion of YogaPilates with Body and Balance
Body and Balance run YogaPilates Fusion in Manly and Manly Vale


Start Position: Body Alignment Pilates and Tadasana (Mountain Pose) Yoga
Aim is for focus and awareness of breath and posture
Standing with legs hip distance apart and arms by side.
Eyes closed and focusing inwards.
Breathing in through the Nose and Out through the mouth or nasal/nasal (both will warm up the body and help focus), but there is a benefit of not breathing in and out through the mouth.
Breathing through the nostrils has an immediate effect on the brain and opens the lungs, clears our mind and helps with detoxification of the body but only breathing through the mouth can have the opposite effect as it has a similar response to the flight/fright pattern and can actually increase toxins and clog the body, so Pilates breath being traditionally through the nose and out through the mouth stimulates, clears and balances the body and mind and releases toxins. The effect of nasal only breath is more stilling and quietening the mind then energy charged Pilates.
  • Feet Parallel (hip distance)
  • Spread toes evenly.
  • Lift the toes standing taller
  • Drop gently balancing on both feet evenly
  • Visualise moving up through ankles and shins
  • Come to knees, soften
  • Lift the kneecaps to thighs.
  • Lift thighs to centre, core abdominals
  • Lift pelvic floor only 30% (engage transverse abdominus or bandas (Yoga belt/pelvic floor)
  • Imagine wide belt around lumbar spine meeting in front between navel and pubic bone. This belt has 10 holes.
  • Tighten imaginary belt to 10th hole or 100% on the breath out.
  • Breathe in and out while holding tight and then loosen for 10th-3rdhole
  • Holding pelvic floor and abdominals at 30%
  • Breathing in fill the lungs imagine filling each space between the ribs and around to thoracic cage and expanding the lung capacity, breathe out keeping rib cage broadened.
  • Lift the shoulders and drop to shoulder blades forming a V shape into the back.
  • Lengthen the neck and crown of head to ceiling.
  • Take a breath in and rise up onto your toes with your eyes closed (x 3)
  • Open your eyes and continue by 3 with arms reaching the ceiling
Jill Healy-Quintard (Body and Balance, Sydney)


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