BODY and BALANCE Fitness and Wellness will BALANCE and ALIGN YOUR BODY

By admin | In News | on July 4, 2013
BODY and BALANCE Fitness and Wellness will BALANCE and ALIGN YOUR BODY
 What Happens to Your Body when Your Posture is Poor? 
  1. Your lower back gets loaded with compressed forces.
  2. Your upper back gets overstretched and weak.
  3. Your abdominals become inactive.
  4. Your neck protrudes to compensate for the shift in weight.
  5. Your front hip flexors shorten and tighten.
  6. Your organs get squashed, compromising lung capacity and digestion.
WOW!!! This is terrible for your health too…….
All this can be corrected and problems solved with doing Pilates Exercises for Posture, Core Strength and Correct Spinal Alignment.
Even sitting at your desk you can do simple exercises like siting up straight to start with or even standing at your computer through out the day. Ask your boss if you can have a desk that raises and lowers to protect your back and core muscles and see what the response is….It could be positive as more companies are researching this.
Other vital exercises are Spine Twists which can also be done sitting. Just place your hand on one knee and then twist to othe other side and repeat on the opposite side. Do at least 4 repeats.
Standing tall and doing a brief walk around your office or even better outside and think of the crown of your head reaching to the sky……straight away your spine will lengthen and stretch.
A great example of company culture is when  Morgan Lovell office fit out specialists,  gave out fitbit trackers to their employees.
I have many exercises to help and you can comment or email me for information or come to a Body and Balance Class or One on One Session in my Studio.
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