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As you know (anyone who knows me) I love to live pretty fast, although I do meditate when I think I need to, which is probably not often enough and I preach it and teach it to everyone else.
I was living fast and furious in 2012 into 2013 with overseas trips, huge amounts of teaching, balancing home and work and partying a little too often, Yes I was also reaching a mid life crises, as well as going through pre-menopausal to OMG MENOPAUSE. “Oh no not me” but it happens and it is OK (only now that I have changed my thinking!!)
I have discovered through my readings that a woman’s hormones can begin to decline and lose balance as early as the 30’s.
Due to all of this I got SICK, VERY SICK and all the vitamins and minerals and exercise and naturopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic remedies, blood testing and more was not working and then my hair started falling out………….
It took 5 months from January to end of May to begin to feel like me again. This has resulted in me looking at what I did and how I can still do it all without having a break down and it is all to do with Balance.
This is what happened to my hair. It fell out in great hunks………STRESSSSS.
I discovered that hair loss can be an early warning sign of maladies linked to a deficiency of vitamin D. This list includes diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, depression, multiple sclerosis, gum disease, seasonal influenza and tuberculosis.
I took mineral supplements, such as Vitamin D,  Iodine and Iron, which can help to replace what has been lost, but it was the superfoods such as barley grass, acai and goji berries, wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina, which are all  from a pure source and are full of hair-loving nutrients that have been my saviour.
Iron, vitamin D and iodine are also essential hair nutrients, says Tony Pearce of National Trichology Services. “These are the three most important nutrients for metabolic functioning,” he says. “Essentially, by virtue of their ‘femaleness’, women are more prone to being deficient in these nutrients than males. Hair is the first tissue to have these supports withdrawn when the body’s levels are becoming depleted.”
Pearce adds that thinning hair on a woman’s scalp is often the first symptom of an internal disturbance or deficiency: “If you are noticing you are losing more hair than normal or suffering from telogen effluvium (a form of alopecia) — keeping in mind other factors such as post-pregnancy, hormonal changes, shock or if you have been ill and required intravenous drugs — start with a simple blood test to determine your iodine, iron and vitamin D levels.”
Once you receive the results and if it nothing major such as cancer or other life threatening deseases then it is time to look at your nutrient intake and your exercsie routine.
A combination of sensible eating, regular sleep and exercise and some vitamin and mineral supplements such Vitamin D, Iodine, andrographis, silica, zinc, folic acid and vitamin c, will see you on the path to regaining your health.
Please consult with a Natural Therapist for correct dosage and stick to it and you will feel and look better.
Seeing the restoration of my hair to a full head of vibrant healthy strands, I realise that the rest of my body is beginning to exhibit vibrant health as well.
Ask me about Body and Balance exercise and I can give you the real lowdown on how much or how little after discussing where you are at right now in your life…..You are so worth it!xxxx

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